Concrete – a new in-person social app framework now available

Press Release

Concrete framework available

Starting on August 1, 2022, Build Labs’ Concrete framework will be available for clubs and societies everywhere. Built for iOS and Android, the modular framework allows for a customized look and feel. With customized modules, you can create the ideal app for your club or society group.

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Powering real-life relationships

The Concrete framework was developed to help bring social media technology into the real world – to make relationships more concrete. Each member can create a profile that is shared within the app directory. For larger groups or those who do not meet all together, this can be a helpful way for members to connect.

Monthly Calendar on Samsung S22

Events in one place

Administrators can set up calendar events to keep all members informed on upcoming events. Daily, weekly, and monthly views allow everyone in your group to know what is happening.

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Customizable preference modules

Unique modules can be added to the app to allow members to set preferences. For instance, the drink module enables users to add their favorite drinks. These preferences then appear in the public directory. Clubs have used this information to inform what they will purchase for the next meeting. This preference option also allows members to buy someone else their favorite drink as a gift. New modules will be added as new groups join.

Privacy in mind

Privacy is always at the forefront of Build Labs design process. Users can set their profile as private and block other users. The safety and privacy of members if of the utmost importance.

Future roadmap

The initial release of the framework is just the beginning. The roadmap has many incredible features coming –

  • More member preference modules
  • Member check-in
  • Push notifications to members
  • Membership management
  • Subscription management and tracking

Ready for your custom app built on Concrete?

Build Labs is ready to build your club or society app with the Concrete Framework. Contact us today to discuss your app needs and get a customized quote.

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