Local club, The Hemingway partners with Build Lab for a social app

Press Release

A local Minneapolis connection

The Hemingway is located near ​​Loring Park in Minneapolis, MN. This club features a space for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs to relax, a place to work, when needed, and a place that is warm and well ventilated. The Hemingway also features space to host friends and colleagues.  

Bringing a social club together

Tthe Hemingway club is constantly creating the opportunity for members to connect with like-minded individuals. However, with over 100 members there wasn’t a great way for new connections to happen –– until The Hemingway App. Built on Build Labs’ Concrete Framework, The Hemingway App offers a member’s directory where users can set drink and cigar preferences. Now, members can find contact information, drink and cigar preferences, upcoming events, and more all in one place.

Profile view of the Hemingway App

Social app in real life

As social media continues to define relationships, Build Labs and The Hemingway sought to create more genuine connections at the club. The Hemingway App’s focus is to add valuable in-person experiences in a world of social media distractions. The latest release offers push notifications to members, allowing admins to reach their members at critical times.

Cigar preference, calendar, and member directory view

Future roadmap of the Hemingway App

The roadmap has many incredible features coming –

  • More member preference modules
  • Member check-in
  • Membership management
  • Subscription management and tracking

Build Labs
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