WashCard Launches New Streamlined Website, Created by Build Labs

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WashCard Reveals New Website

On September 30, 2022, WashCard launched a new website at WashCard has been a catalyst throughout the car wash industry for the last 30 years. From implementing credit card payments when quarters were popular to releasing a car wash loyalty app in 2012, the name WashCard is synonymous with the future of car washes.

A Modern Design to Simplify

WashCard approached Build Labs with the task of simplifying its website to make its products and services easier to navigate for clients. They were looking for an updated content organization to streamline the experience for end-users. Also, WashCard was looking to increase its SEO presence and launch quickly. Build Labs determined it advantageous to build the website on Webflow instead of WordPress.

Brand Visually Expressed

When developing the website from the ground up, it was necessary to infuse the WashCard brand throughout all website elements. WashCard decided to  proceed with a card-style layout based on how it reflected its logo while simultaneously offering a more techie feel that the WashCard brand is known for.

The use of colors was simplified and white space was increased, coinciding with the value of simplicity that WashCard strives to demonstrate in all aspects of its brand. The light blue represents water and is contrasted with the WashCard red, the primary CTA color..

The images throughout the new website focus on either fun car wash experiences or the technology that WashCard offers. Recently, WashCard streamlined its product offering, which has allowed the technology to take center stage. WashCard is prepared to showcase the newest technology to its prospective clients as they release products to the market.

“When we needed a completely new website designed and launched before a major industry trade show, Build Labs came through with new ideas, thoughtful design, and great analytics planning while getting it all pulled together in record time!“

Dan Yarusso
CEO, WashCard

Figma file of initial designs

Built Through a Proven Process

The only way this project could be completed within the tight timeline was to rely on a tried and true process. WashCard had some preparatory work to scope out what pages they would want to include, along with developing some of the copy needed for the pages. However, layout decisions, copy changes, image selection, and development were still required to prepare the website for public release..

Build Labs worked through an initial Discovery Phase to better understand the new website’s requirements and create a clear timeline to meet the project’s deadline.

Low-fidelity mockups were developed and translated into high-fidelity prototypes in Figma. This process allowed Build Labs and WashCard to meet, tweak designs, and approve the project’s future.

WashCard provided valuable feedback throughout the development process to ensure that the final product was exactly what WashCard was expecting. As pages were approved, Build Labs worked to create SEO metadata, redirects, and optimize images. By launch, the new WashCard website had seen an SEO optimization score of 94, compared to 60 from the previous website.

Webflow backend environment

Iterative Approach

WashCard needed an easily updatable web platform to ensure the website could stay current. Webflow, a newer CMS, was an ideal option. WashCard wanted the ability to update text and images on the website. Webflow’s Editor mode is a live WYSIWYG editor that allows for efficient updates.

Simultaneously, the backend development environment provides a GUI for CSS code, quickly allowing for holistic design updates. By utilizing CSS classes, wholesale design changes can be made throughout the website quickly by just changing a CSS class or combination classes.

Webflow also provides an interaction tab for adding motion to a page. This addition can help the page to feel more energetic while having precise control over the interaction. WashCard wanted to ensure their website felt snappy, so all interactions were set close to 1/10 of a second to provide a kinesthetic feel without sacrificing speed.

Last, Webflow Symbols allowed the same component on multiple pages. When a symbol is updated, all relevant instances reflect the changes. This system guaranteed a unified experience for aspects like the header, footer, and form fill block.

Customize Coded Solutions

Webflow’s default system, including the option of customizable code solutions, created an ideal situation. For instance, a custom code was added to control scroll behavior when the mobile menu is open.

A key component of the new website was the requirement to track HubSpot form fills in Google Analytics. Choosing a platform that allowed for customized code was vital. The native HubSpot form was embedded into the card view, and an extra block of code was added that fired off a Google Analytics event to record when a new form was submitted and what page the form was submitted on.

WashCard Launches in Record Time

Build Labs’ success is intricately tied to the success of amazing partners – partners like WashCard, who continues to lead the car wash industry in customer loyalty, innovation, and simplified payment solutions. Build Labs is honored to partner for the launch of the new WashCard website and as WashCard enters the next phase of positively impacting the car wash industry.  

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