Radar – bringing transparency to all Build Labs’ clients

Press Release

Build Labs values transparency

Starting October 12, 2022, Build Labs will offer all clients access to Radar. As a real-time reporting tool, Radar gives pinpoint accuracy to each project’s progress. Build Labs has always believed clients should have access to understand where their project stands. Radar was a clear step in providing greater transparency.

Radar exists to alleviate pain points felt by project managers and clients. This 360 degrees approach, has considerably decreased time dedicated for data look-up, decision making, action tracking, and team guidance. This ultimately allows for more time and focus dedicated to the client.

In my 10+ years' experience in working with a variety of PM tools, I found myself having to aggregate and distill multiple data points from multiple sources, to truly present a clear and actionable picture to the client and the internal team. With that in mind, we intentionally designed RADAR to filter the relevant data and provide visibility and accountability for both teams.

– Alex B. Project Manager

Click on the image below to see a full screen card view.

Quick overview of each project

It all starts at the Project Pulse Card

Know where your project quickly. The Project Pulse cards give you key indicators for your project so that you can stay in control. Quickly see the burn rate on the budget and timeline, estimated project completion date, and any risks. When you see an indicator you want more information on, click in to gain more valuable insight.

Radar Project Dashboard for each project

Dive deeper in the Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard provides all relevant documents, an overview of the state of the project, and a history of Project Status Reports. So whether the client is looking to access their project burn rate, contract, invoices, or find the most recent status report – all aspects of the project can be found in the Project Dashboard.

Anatomy of the Radar Status Report

The Radar Status Report seeks to provide all relevant information for the clients to check on for their project. The Status Report includes:

  • Overview of the project
  • 4 key project status indicators
  • Project scheudle including current and future milestones
  • A summary of all work and decisions related to the project
  • Any risks and critical blockers
  • Action items for the client
  • Action items for the development team
  • Comprehensive contact list of all team members involved

This weekly overview allows the client and Build Labs to stay on the same page. Radar optimizes client and development team communication to discuss potential issues, and move quickly toward resolutions. Allowing the project to stay on track and on budget.

Click on the image below to see a full report demo.

Real-time progress on your monitor

One critical section of the Status Report is “Project at a Glance.” Designed for those looking for a quick visual of the state of the project, this section presents a red, yellow, or green indicator for the following project aspects:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Resources
  • Risk

By presenting these measurements, project teams and key stakeholders can remove current risks and roadblocks to ensure the project is completed on-time and on-budget.

Future roadmap

Build has big plans for the future versions of Radar. In the coming months, you can expect to see –

  • Expanded analytics dashboard for more precise burn-rate insights
  • Deeper integration with Jira ticketing system and Jira reports for inclusion with Invoicing systems
  • Automatic invoicing support, with scheduler and notification functionality
  • Additional Connectors for support of industry standard tools (OpenAir, Smartsheet,, ClikUp, etc.)
  • Support for Non-profit and internal project billing
  • Enhanced project timeline view
  • Automated report delivery to client and key stakeholders with deep linking support for Status Reports
  • Updated views based on early adopter client feedback

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